King Hezekiah – Clipart & Picture

King Hezekiah Cleanses the Temple
Hezekiah kept God’s commandments in the Law of Moses. He opened the doors of the temple, made repairs and cleaned the temple, brought the priests and Levites back to the temple, offered sacrifices to the LORD, and all the people worshiped God again. We have learned that the people would do what God wanted for a short time, but then after a while they would return to worshiping idols. So, when King Hezekiah was made king at 25 years old, there were idols in the land of Judah, but Hezekiah did the right thing. He did what God wanted him to do. He had the idols broken down and burned. Hezekiah did much good and trusted in God. Hezekiah followed God’s plan.

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