Jesus heals a deaf man – All

Jesus heals a deaf man.
After the storm that the disciples went through on the Sea of Galilee, they probably would have been happy in just resting when they reached the shore, but following Jesus continued to reveal that everywhere they went there was ministry to be done. As soon as the disciples and Jesus stepped onto the shore, they were met with a demon possessed man that was living among the tombs in the area where their boat landed. God’s Word describes the man with an unclean spirit in an interesting way that reveals the power of the enemy in this world. We are told that no man was able to contain or control the demon possessed man. The demon possessed man was out-of-control, and there were no chains or shackles that could hold him down and tame his behavior. The demon possessed man, being controlled in every way by the power of the enemy, reminds us today that the power of the enemy is significant in this world. The demon possessed man reminds us that we don’t have the power to tame the enemy on our own. Against the power of the enemy, we are powerless with only our own, human power

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