The Lord’s Prayer – Paper Craft

Sermon on the Mount – The Lord’s Prayer
Jesus taught many people about God. Sometimes he just spoke to one person at a time. At other times he taught groups of people.
Once Jesus saw a crowd of people and decided to teach them by preaching a sermon. He went up on a mountainside and sat down. The people gathered around him so they could hear what Jesus had to say.
Jesus preached a sermon about how to obey God. He told the people that they would be happy in their hearts if they lived God’s way.a
He told them that it is important to obey God from the heart. It is not enough to obey God on the outside just so other people can see. We have to really mean it.
In his sermon Jesus also said something very important about how to treat other people. He said that everyone should “do to others what you would have them do to you.” Jesus said that and a lot of people remembered it. Many years later someone thought that this was such an important thing that they started calling it the “Golden Rule”
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Bible Story : Matthew 5~7

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