The Woman at the Well – Clipart

The Samaritan Woman at the Well .
Jesus was at a well in Samaria when a woman approached. She was Samaritan, and the Jews usually did not speak to Samaritans. So she was very surprised when He asked her to draw Him some water. Jesus answered that if she knew who He was, she would ask Him for living water. The woman was confused. Jesus didn’t have a bucket, how would He draw water? She asked Him if He was greater than Jacob, who dug the well. (In actuality, He was, but she didn’t know that yet.)
Life of Jesus Bingo Jesus told the woman that her water would only quench her thirst for a while. He had water that would quench her thirst forever! The woman like that. She wouldn’t have to carry water every day. She asked how she could get this water. Jesus told her to bring her husband to see Him. She replied that she had no husband. Jesus said, that’s right. You’ve been married before, but you are not now.
When the woman realized that Jesus knew all about her life, she thought He was a prophet. She asked a common religious question about where to worship. Jesus said we must worship in spirit and in truth; that’s more important than the physical place. We must worship in our heart and do what’s right.
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Bible Story : John 4:5-15, 19-25

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