The Wicked Tenants – All

The Wicked Tenants.
The parable of the wicked tenants illustrates the story of Israel’s history. As you teach kids, help them connect the
story to what happened in Israel’s history. First, the landowner is God the Father. He chose to bless the world
through Abraham’s family, the people of Israel. The vineyard is Israel.
The tenants are the leaders of Israel. Throughout history, God sent the Old Testament prophets to speak to God’s
people. But they did not listen to the prophets. Like the tenants of the vineyard, Israel’s leaders persecuted the
prophets. So God the Father sent His Son, Jesus. Jesus knew that the people were going to kill Him like the
tenants killed the landowner’s son.
Jesus led the leaders to conclude themselves what would be fair: that the landowner would punish the tenants
and find workers who respect Him.
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